Car Care

Car care packages of Auto Spa

For convenience in the care of the customer vehicles. Car Spa offering care packages to your car as well as selected references to their appropriate service pack 1. In addition to the work of the service pack, you may require other services depending on the needs of customers.




For packages Car Spa Car Spa basic and additional packages you can go casual or 1.2 weeks can be 1 month, depending on the status of your car.

Car Spa Package own routine:

You can buy this package up to 1 year of use (2 months you bring your car to do 1 times). We will offer for you a basic package Spa Car worth 85,000 for each car to bring.

As for the Car Spa package:

If you buy this package up to 1 year (6 months to 1 you bring your car once). We will offer for you Car Spa package valued periodically for each carrying 885,000 vehicles arrived.

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