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The movement of cars in Vietnam now is just in its infancy, is growing strongly but not be seen as a movement of large numbers of people use cars in Vietnam.

Why The Car?

“The car is not just a job or simply grease the append additional information to a machine, in the opinion of my own, so the car was a complete and nourish the faith this passion, players need to have four factors, namely: true love with the car, stable financial capabilities, certain knowledge of technical and aesthetic relativism. Missing one of the four factors, the player’s hard to feel “satisfied” with the car hobby.


• The difficulty level cars in Vietnam: After The car, your car has completely changed the physical structure of the original car, this will make you inconvenienced when traffic on the road, the traffic police is understandable Nevertheless horn. Clause 2, Article 50 of the Road Traffic Law stipulates: “The means owners are not free to change structures, components and systems of automobiles against the manufacturer’s design or design improvement has been the competent authority for approval “.

On the other hand, when the acceptable level cars, the components to be replaced periodically must be cured. The operation of cars, if players are not careful or lack of technical knowledge, the quality of the vehicle may be affected (the details being warped, damaged electrical systems …).

High-level cars are what?

You can level any parts on the car long after India finished, your vehicle still operate safely and without trouble on the road. The department or the player level to include body kits, wheels (rims), audio, car interior, air filter, tires, MITRO average, anti-dump system chassis, low-carbon vehicles potty, stamp car … when the cars, you do not need degrees to everything, sometimes you just need to replace a new car wheels or improvements to the interior, the sound of the car.


• The la – wheels (also known as wheels, wheels): In a car, wheels parts are always people interested in cars The first, on the other hand, it is – as a way wheels the easiest help your car to create a new style. Wheels are made from many materials such as steel, aluminum alloy, magnesium alloy or carbon with many designs and different sizes.
Currently in Vietnam, mainly sourcing the busi- wheels are the shops, dealers Vietnam imported mainly from Thailand, Taiwan, Singapore, China.

• The body kits: The current cars are still focused on changing the shape of the front bumper section – after the car and the hull sections. Materials for body kits manufactured in Vietnam are mainly plastic composite (something other countries are still using).

• The seat and safety belt

A manly sport seats are the choice of many players “The cars”. Comes to car seat can not forget to mention the famous brands such as Bride, Ricardo, Sparco

• The car stamps

Stamp motifs car is glued onto the bodywork parts. The Car People usually have two ways to show the texture of the car, the first is the decorated name of the famous brands associated with parts in your car, or as decoration the image of the mascot as centaurs, lions … Each player has a different taste, so a car can be beautiful or ugly in the eyes of this person or others. Through the car decorative stamps, we can guess part of the player character through the combination of colors and decorative motifs.

• The exhaust pipe

The exhaust pipe work is essentially strangling sound of the car, help the car achieve emissions standards and noise. But for a car India, the car exhaust is also very important parts in order to create special sounds and full of personality, mentioning the car depot Akamovic or trademarks of Mark always be people Parking Car extremely popular.

• The other parts

Vietnam has appeared in some form of new cars India as High Carbon, High wind filter, High clock (the clock display type parameters such as the vehicle’s tire pressure, oil temperature, pressure air intake capacity … the clock is usually arranged at the tap – car lot near the steering wheel). There are many other items such as the LED level, the exhaust, the price side, …


Level cars in Vietnam and around the world

As in Vietnam, the movement of cars The new cars developed about 10 years ago, in Saigon People The cars often prefer sedans and sports cars, also in Hanoi clients prefer The pickups like (pick-up) for more off-road.

The world movement of cars has a long history developing life, associated with the development of the automotive industry. The parts for a car and basically the same in Vietnam, however, quality and aesthetic effect is much higher. In developing countries, the movement of carbon is so prevalent (this is a very durable material, lightweight alternative to plastic materials).

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